Childs play at Cork & Chroma

I have always wanted to paint. I often daydream that I am one of those artistic types that can paint … without following numbers.  Sadly I have no such talent. Thankfully  Izzy draws pretty well and has been looking for some guidance on painting.

So when I saw that Cork & Chroma Sydney has family painting sessions during school holidays, I thought it was the perfect opportunity for Izzy (ahem!) to learn some techniques. Besides, I never walk away from an opportunity to indulge a childhood  dream.

So on a beautiful Spring morning, we drove to the studio and learnt that there’s plenty of parking at the hip & happening Surry Hills at 10am in the morning! 🙂

The Space

We met Mia, our instructor, who showed us around the studio. Long tables with easels, canvas, a paint tray and brushes in a jar were already set up for each participant.

Essential tools of painting.

The shopfront window facing Holt Street, filled the studio with light and along with the high ceilings really gave it a feeling that you are in a painter’s studio. I think Izzy felt it too because soon after we walked into the front door she looked at me with an excited smile.

Everything that one needs is inside the studio. Except for the bathrooms but it is easily accessible within the building with a secure key.

The colour palette for the day.

Painting aprons, brushes, plenty of space to move around, a tap & sink and of course drinking glasses and a fridge. The glasses and fridge are for the drinks that participants are welcome to bring along (i.e BYO) – which during family sessions is filled with water & juice only.

More essential tools when painting.

When not in ‘family mode’ during school holidays, I’m sure those fridges are filled with beer, wine, champagne etc. All of which help in painting portraits  of Frida Kahlo or David Bowie and dreamy scenes like a Parisian street in the rain.

The lesson

Mia opens the lesson with some introductions and the overall approach to how we are going to paint the cute and colourful ice cream subject.

Eager to begin.

The lesson ran at a good pace that suited the us and the rest of the audience. Her instructions were clear and also very helpful whenever anyone needed guidance.

Music was playing in the background that got a lot of the kids in the room feeling relaxed and comfortable. As well as helping all the creative juices flow along.

Look what you can do!

There was a drawing table set up, so as to allow the kids to go over for some more creative fun, instead of literally watching the paint dry.  At any time throughout the relaxed lesson,

The Result

The result of the 2-hour morning is that you walk away with your own masterpiece. One that Izzy proudly displays in her room.

Art in progress

More than that, kids walk away with having had fun as a family and perhaps some painting techniques that they can carry on with at home.

Et Voila!

Izzy is now eager to do more painting at home and I on the other hand, walk away vowing to return with some fun friends and a bottle of bubbly or two.

Cork & Chroma, Sydney

The Details

Cork & Chroma have studios in Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne.

Sydney Address: 55 Holt Street, Surry Hills. Open Monday to Sunday with later start times on Sunday. See website for more details.

Parking: Street parking is available on Holt Street and Cooper Street – limited to one or two hours. Alternatively, there’s a secure parking lot in the building.

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