More reasons to visit Sri Lanka

Here are more reasons why you should visit Sri Lanka NOW!

We have just returned after having spent 2 weeks in Sri Lanka and we are still reeling from the fun and incredible experiences we’ve had. I didn’t realise when I posted Why travel to Sri Lanka how true all those reasons were!

Yes! We saw an amazing amount of wildlife and especially enjoyed our Elephant Safari at Minneriya National Park.

Yes! Sri Lankan people are beautiful and friendly.

Yes! It definitely wasn’t full of tourists and we had plenty of unique experiences.

Yes! the food was aaaahhhh-mazing everywhere we ate.

And you know what else? …..

Children get the VIP treatment…

As parents you want the whole family treated well. And whilst this means different things for everyone, one basic thing remains in that, the children are well looked after.

Getting some pointers on how to sail the catamaran

Izzy was definitely treated well. At age 9, she’s mildly fond of kids clubs and is often tired of the same-old kids menus. What she did enjoy was that she received a welcome gift at most hotels that brought a smile to her face every time.

A dream comes true at Minneriya National Park where we saw wild elephants

We were always asked if we wanted a milder version (i.e. less chilli) of any dish at no extra cost. And although never advertised, we either paid half price for her costs or it was FREE.  I also noticed that everywhere we went, children were always included in everything and catered to accordingly. On this trip we enjoyed many family experiences, including a visit to the spa, which normally excludes kids.

There’s such a huge variety of experiences…

It’s hard to summarise what our time in Sri Lanka was like because in the 14-days we spent there, we experienced such a diverse landscape and a huge variety of experiences.

Walking towards the ancient fortress of Sigiriya Lion’s Rock

For a country that is about 118 times smaller than Australia, 4 times smaller than the UK and about the same size as the US state of West Virginia, this little tear-shaped island sure packs a punch!

Flying kites in the capital city of Colombo

Within a few hours drive from each other, we went from the bustling city of Colombo to the largest group of wild elephants in Asia at Minneriya National Park. From the sun burnt ancient ruins of the Central province to breezy coastal beaches on the East coast. Then from the cultural heart of Kandy to the British colonial tea country.

The most scenic train ride in the world – from Kandy to tea country.

There is no other place that I can think of where you can experience all of this without boarding a plane or crossing a border. It truly is, as the tourist slogan state, the WONDER OF ASIA.

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It’s affordable luxury…

When I mentioned in Part 1 of this post that it was very reasonable for us to travel comfortably in Sri Lanka, I didn’t realise that it meant luxury!

Not only did we stay at boutique hotels and resorts that exceeded our expectations, we  were also lucky enough to enjoy multiple massage or spa treatments. We also ate seafood dishes most nights and was able to upgrade our experiences without any concern of the budget.

Luxury beach resort Uga Bay in Pasikudah

We thoroughly enjoyed all the hotels as part of our Selective Asia itinerary. In particular, we enjoyed the paradise location and amenities of Uga Bay Resort and we would never have thought that we’d be able to stay at a hotel that has won World Luxury Hotel Award, like the  Stafford Bungalows. Our stay at these establishments were truly unforgettable.

Sri Lankan’s have not lost themselves for the tourist dollar…

As much as we enjoy travelling in comfort, we also want to have genuine and authentic experiences. Not ones that have been contrived for visitors or tourists. Whilst I’m sure this happens in all parts of the world, none of our experiences or encounters felt fake or insincere.

Local fisherman showing us his catch for the day

The Sri Lankan dishes we devoured didn’t taste like they were watered-down versions of the real thing, evident by the amount of water Izzy drank to cool her tongue. More importantly, the attractions we visited were filled by local and international visitors alike.

Sri Lankans have certainly mastered the fine balance of catering to European visitors whilst still maintaining their diverse culture. And THAT in itself is truly unique.

Young Sri Lankans at the beach

So tell me dear reader, are these good enough reasons for you to consider Sri Lanka? Have you visited this paradise island? What would bring you back?  I would love to know so please leave me a comment.

Thanks, Khris

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