I first tasted & fell in love with Mexican food, in the late 90’s, when I travelled to Los Angeles on a family holiday with my siblings & parents. I don’t know if it was authentic, but I’m told the Mexican food in Los Angeles is pretty close to the real thing.

Since then there has been some Mexican joints that sprouted around Sydney and we’ve tried a one or two. But NONE compared to what I had tried in the U.S.

Inspired by their own travels through Mexico, the owners of Mamasita returned to Australia to bring authentic Mexican dishes to our tables. So on a warm & humid Friday, we headed over to Mamasita for lunch.

If you weren’t looking for the restaurant, it would be easy to miss the narrow entry way on Collins Street. But when you find it, the stairs lead you to a place where the food is delicious and the people are friendly.

At the top of the dark stairwell, you’re greeted with a light filled dining area. The wrought iron, high ceilings and wall mural brings a feeling of relaxed comfort. This helped lift our mood, especially our daughter’s who was irritated from having had to walk so much in the heat.

Our smiling, friendly waitress must have sensed this because soon after we sat down, there were glasses of water on our table. Along with a pencil case filled with colouring pencils and a colouring in sheet. Ahhh, relief!

Even though we were away from work, Friday always feels good so we enjoyed a long lazy lunch. We began with Pineapple duck Flautas and Tacos, one filled with fish and the other with pork. Those terrific tacos were a perfect balance between, tortilla, meat, sauce and salad.

The kids meal arrived with the entrees and she ate her queso-filled Quesadilla.

Top: Kids Quesadillas; Centre: Tacos; Bottom: Pineapple duck Flautas

We then moved onto our mains of Fennel salad with grapefruit, mixed lettuce and mustard oregano dressing and Sticky beef short ribs, with was served with warm, soft tortillas.  Eddie loves meat that has been cooked long and slow and this beef short rib was a perfect example. It was tender, full of flavour and pulled apart so easily, just using our forks.

Sticky beef rib (for two) $39

For Izzy, a meal is not complete without a sweet finish to fill her separate and now empty tummy desert compartment! The sweet corn ice cream did just the trick. Which she guarded with her life, when, after letting him have a taste, she saw Eddie’s eyes opened with delight!

As for us, we shared the Tres Leche cake. Reading it from the menu it sounded quite rich but we were assured that it wasn’t and we enjoyed the light airy cake. Perfect for sharing. Or not 🙂

1/11 Collins Street, Melbourne
Tel: (03) 9650 3821
Open 7 days, Dinner from 5pm and Lunch (Thu-Sat only) from 12 noon


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