Lucy Liu

The afternoon rain had just stopped and we were deciding where to go for dinner. I looked out of the hotel window for inspiration and when I looked down at the streets below, I saw the sign … a bright red neon sign. Lucy Liu beckoned so we had to go in.

Without a reservation we walked in and agreed to wait an hour for a table. If it were raining we would have happily waited at the bar but seeing as it had stopped, we went to catch the last light of the day to take pictures. After only 20 minutes we received a call to let us know that a table is ready.

Kingfish Sashimi, green chilli, hot mint and toasted coconut $19

We were seated at a bar-style table with a view of the restaurant, perfect for people watching (not in a creepy way).  The menu offered dishes with a mix of Asian influences – Korean, Malay, Chinese, and Japanese.

We dined the night before NYE so there was a party like atmosphere to the place, and we enjoyed chatting with neighbouring diners and joked around with our friendly waiter. He and all the staff at Lucy Liu operated like a well oiled machine – they moved around the floor with grace and ease making sure that used plates were immediately replaced with clean ones and that there were no empty glasses.

Soft shelled crab ‘Jianbing’ pancake roll with spicy hoi sin $14 (There were 4 rolls served but they were too nice that we forgot to take a picture of the full serving)

It will be tempting to eat through the whole menu but do make sure you leave room for desert.  Our daughter was the only one wise enough to do this (she has her priorities straight) and she ordered the Banana Fritters after her meal. But these were no ordinary fritters.

As soon as the plate was put in front of her, her eyes closed and a delightful gentle “mmmmm” sound was heard. Each piece of banana , of which there were two, was crusted with puffed rice and coconut shavings and served with vanilla bean ice cream. She looked so satisfied eating it that we had food envy.

Have you ever had food envy over what your child/ren has ordered?

Lucy Liu
23 Oliver Lane, Melbourne
Tel: +61 3 9639 5777
Open 7 days, Lunch & Dinner from 11am til late

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