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We, Eddie and Khris, were first introduced after high school by a mutual friend at a dance party (is it still called that?!). After a number of years , we eventually became friends ourselves. Then a few more years passed and our friendship grew to become something much, much more!

During our courtship we travelled to Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand, Maldives and many parts of Australia. We got married at a beach in 2004 and four years later, a beautiful angel entered our lives. We named her Izabel – but you can call her Izzy.

Eager to share our love of travel with our daughter and keen to show her the world, we first travelled with her when she was 13 months old. Since then, we have been making the effort to juggle the demands of home, school and work, so that we can fit in the ability to visit new places as often as possible. Anything & everything from a weekend away to an overseas trip for a few weeks.

“When you travel with your children, you are giving them something that can never be taken away… Experience, Exposure and a way of Life” – Pamela T. Chandler

We started this blog as a way of sharing our stories in the hope that it will inspire, help and motivate other families to travel more. It follows our experience of travelling as a family and provides lots of tips and recommendations to help you have your own adventures – whether you’re travelling as a couple, with your child/ren, with siblings or extended families … whatever YOUR family is.

A little bit about our travelling style. When we travel, we ….

  • tend to gravitate towards warm tropical climates and hence, almost always pack swimwear
  • like to pretend that we’re living in that city/country and as much as possible, try to do as the locals would
  • love discovering the unexpected elements of a city/town
  • enjoy tasting the many cuisines of the world
  • take a ridiculous amount of photos/videos
  • always make an effort to learn the traditions, customs & values of the places we visit
  • are motivated to create life-long memories

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About Eddie


Hey guys! I’m Eddie, the Captain of this A-Team.  I’m the “big picture” kind of guy, always enthusiastic, with a fun-loving nature and a positive attitude (at least most of the time).

My first overseas trip was to Thailand (with Khris) when I was in my early 20’s and that’s where I was first bitten by the old “travel bug” that got me hooked on seeing more of this beautiful world. Up until that point, I had only ever been in an airplane once… and that was during the time when my whole family immigrated from Philippines to Australia!

I have had extensive Sales experience in several industries and have always had a keen interest in Marketing. I enjoy the process of matching a person to a product/service and I’m not afraid to work hard to make sure they get the most out of it.

People that know me would not hesitate to call me a “gadget guy” as I really enjoy adapting technology to make our lives easier, especially when it comes to being able to capture more of life’s moments through pictures and videos. I also enjoy being outdoors (a whole lot) and although I’m not a very sporty person, I am willing to give most water-related activities a good go!

Each time we travel we gain more unforgettable moments that I will always remember, but one particular moment, in my opinion, will be very hard to beat.  It was back in 2015, on a perfect European Summer’s day, when I experienced the pure pleasure of cruising the Amalfi Coast in a vintage style Italian motor boat from the seaside town of Maiori to the Isle of Capri (Isola di Capri) in Southern Italy.  I was practically speechless and loved every second of that unforgettable experience.

There are many, many more countries I would like to visit and my intention is to do so with my family as often as I possibly can. So watch this space!

About Khris


Hi, I’m Khris the senior writer and main travel planner for this A-Team crew!

I have worked mainly in Technology projects playing many roles.  My passion though has always been in writing and until this blog, my readers have been limited to friends and family. So this blog is my creative outlet.

I also like to bake, read, spend time at the beach and enjoy going to yoga. Whenever I pass by a market of any kind, I am always compelled to walk in and I truly believe that dark chocolate can solve all your problems.

I love my family. Being a wife and a mother has given me some of the happiest moments in my life.  I am the eldest of 3 kids and am really close to my parents and siblings. We have regular family gatherings and I love the crazy fun of being part of a large extended family – my parents are both one of 10 children!

I am probably more of an introvert than I care to admit. Ironically, I am also usually the first to line up at roller coaster rides and tend to be the loudest cheerleader when part of a team.

For me, the most memorable holiday so far has been our time in Sri Lanka and the more we travel the smaller the world seems. I often leave a place feeling more connected to it. Having gained an insight of the people and culture that when I return back home  I am forever changed.

About Izzy



I’m almost 11 years old and I love food and emojis.  I also enjoy swimming both in the pool and at the beach, drawing, listening to music, baking with Mum, playing with my friends and I really love reading and getting lost in books!

So far I have enjoyed all of our trips, but I have really, really enjoyed our holidays to the Philippines, Fiji and Hamilton Island. And some of my favourite holiday memories have been…

  • when we went to Disneyland, Paris!
  • when I spent a whole week swimming in the amazing pool in Fiji!
  • eating yummy caprese salad in Italy!
  • seeing the Mona Lisa painting in Paris!

Some of the other places that I would like to visit are: Brazil, Tasmania and I would really love to visit Germany during Christmas time.

So now you know a little bit about us! We have some exciting plans in the next 12 months and we look forward to sharing them with you.

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