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The biggest change that we’ve had to make when we started travelling as a family, was laundry. Previously, whilst travelling as a couple, laundry is the farthest thing from our minds!

I cringe remembering how we lugged around dirty clothes for the two or three weeks of holidays. Going to extreme lengths to create a barrier between the dirty half and the clean half of our suitcase.

Fast forward 10 years… we realised we needed to think of a better way when we checked in 2 large suitcases for a week long holiday. Where we needed little more than our bathers, shorts & t-shirts.

Mornings at the laundromat in Italy

The solution, I thought, was to pay for laundry services and/or book a place with laundry facilities. Whilst this may prove to still be the best option for some families, for our small family of three, we found this to be expensive and/or limiting in choices.

Thankfully the Scrubba wash bag was created. Inspired by the wash board, used for centuries by many cultures, Australian Ash Newland released the product into the market via a crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo.

No laundromat around here!

Today our family uses it on every trip – regardless of destination or accomodation types. And because we love the product so much, I also introduced it to my sister who recently took it with her as she trekked to Everest base camp.

So here’s what we thought of the (original) Scrubba Wash bag …

Why did you buy the product?

Intrepid traveller (Miss A):

I didn’t (buy it), my sister did. I’ve been ‘leveraging’ off her for years and will continue to do so. 🙂  I wanted to borrow it because my last trip was hiking Everest Base camp in Nepal and a stopover in Hong Kong at the end. The limited space and weight meant hand washing was a must. I was also unsure of the accommodation situation and on the move a lot which makes getting washing done externally difficult.

Family traveller (Khris):

We like to travel as light as we possibly can, preferring to take only carry-on bags as much as possible and so the need to do laundry whilst we holiday is unavoidable. I bought this because I thought it would save me money from spending on hotel laundry charges.

Turning my 5-star hotel bathroom into a laundry

What did you like best about it?

Intrepid traveller (Miss A):

Easy to use, clean and the fact you could do small manageable loads.

Family traveller (Khris):

There are easy instructions printed on the bag itself as well as being simple & easy to use. But my favourite feature is the little bumps inside the bag so that there’s no hard rubbing or scrubbing needed.

No need for porters to carry your portable washing machine to Everest

What are some of the things you would change about the product?

Intrepid traveller (Miss A):

Not changes but additions if they’re not sold as a pack. i.e. a washing line and a quick dry towel that helps shorten drying times.

Khris’ note: there are packs available and can be purchased with other accessories. 

Family traveller (Khris):

Am so happy with the product as it is, so possibly just some improvements to the valve to prevent water from being accidentally squeezed out. There may not have been an incident where I was a little distracted and squeezed most of the water out by accident – hahaha.

Would you recommend it to others?

Intrepid traveller (Miss A):


Family traveller (Khris):

Absolutely! It’s the best value travel product since the snap lock bag!

Since I bought mine, there have been improvements made and incorporated into their latest product range. Although available at other online stores and retailers, I recomend buying directly from Scrubba Australia or Scrubba Global. I know where I will get my upgraded version from!

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