G5 gimbal (stabiliser) for GoPro Hero5 by: Feiyu Tech

I have always enjoyed taking photos and videos everywhere I go, especially when I’m on holidays.  Over time I developed a growing passion for creating videos / short films and uploading them on to YouTube.

It all started when I bought my very first GoPro camera which, at the time of writing this blog, was the latest release of the amazing GoPro Hero 5 Black!  It’s an awesome “action” camera and of course that is what GoPro cameras are mostly renowned for.

However, after having done a few videos and upon reviewing them, I noticed that I can never keep my hands steady enough to be able to film a video that is as “buttery smooth” as some of the videos I have seen on YouTube.  That got me into researching topics on how to “stabilize” a GoPro video footage.  This little research led me to the wonderful world of GIMBALS.

To be honest, I am very new to the field of photography and videography. In fact, I have never heard of the term “gimbal” (stabilizer) up until late December 2016. But the more I looked, the more I found and eventually I was presented with a myriad of choices as to which type or brand I should buy.

It seems to me that there’s probably a gimbal/stabilizer out there for almost every type of photography or videography camera you can think of.  And yes, they even made one for smartphones and I came across a couple of good ones that were designed for iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and a whole heap of other smartphones as well.

So to cut the long story short, I began to seriously look into getting myself one of these gimbals and that’s when I came across the G5 gimbal for GoPro by: Feiyu Tech.

Overall, I found that it suits a beginner like me whilst at the same time, it had additional features that I can grow with as I become more experienced.  So I’m going to keep this one short and sweet, whilst making sure that you still get enough information to help you decide IF this is the right one for you.










So now let me share with you my personal experience using the G5 (including a short video that I filmed using this device) and the reasons WHY I decided to buy one:

  • It is so easy to set up and operate and definitely keeps your GoPro nicely secured.
  • It is splash proof – so you don’t have to worry so much if it starts to sprinkle a little bit whilst you’re using it in the great outdoors!  That makes it a perfect companion for my GoPro Hero5 – which is also now waterproof – even without a waterproof camera case (that is, up to 10 metres without the waterproof case).
  • It has a longer battery life than most other brands out there… and I even came across other people who managed to get anywhere between 5 to 8 hours worth of usage with their G5!
  • Its build quality is definitely up there and certainly looks and feels like a gimbal that will last a long time (as long as you look after it).
  • It helps produce buttery smooth, gliding video which is on a level of stabilization that no human (in my opinion) will be able to reproduce by simply using their bare hands whilst walking and running around holding a GoPro.  Believe me, I tried a number of times to keep my GoPro as steady as possible and it didn’t even come close to the smoothness of footage that you get when using a gimbal.

The G5 is definitely one of the better GoPro gimbals (video stabilisers) out there. So to give you an idea of how smooth your video footage can look like, let me show you a short video that I filmed using the G5 and my GoPro Hero5 Black.  This was taken during a short “weekend getaway” – at a lovely spot called Port Stephens, which is just a short 2.5 to 3 hours drive north of Sydney CBD (New South Wales, AUSTRALIA).  You will see that the footage is noticeably much, much smoother than if you were to just hold your GoPro on a pole or a selfie stick.



I really hope I have done this product some justice with the key points that I mentioned above.

If you are in AUSTRALIA and are seriously considering buying one of these, send me an email at eddie@threeapoltravellers.com and I’ll refer you to one of my contacts where you may be able to receive DISCOUNT on your purchase.

If you live overseas or outside of Australia, you can click on my AMAZON link and you’ll get all the details and pricing there as well.

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