Tribord Easybreath Snorkel mask

When our sister/sister-in-law/aunt asked us to ‘measure our face’ we weren’t quiet sure what it was for.  A few weeks later, when she arrived from London bearing gifts, we were pleasantly surprised to  receive these space looking snorkel masks.  We had seen them online and most recently when we snorkelled at Fly Point Port Stephens.

We received different sizes to suit each of us:- Medium-Large for Eddie & I and an Extra Small for Izzy.

breathing easily even out of the water

Because we love spending time in and near the water, these babies only stayed dry for a few days and it was a scorching hot Sydney day when we jumped into the backyard pool to test them out.

Ok, so here’s the low down on the these Tribord Snorkel masks

What we liked….

  • So easy to breathe!
  • Can talk like normal too – making it easy to communicate with your snorkelling buddies both in and out of the water.
  • No biting into a rubber mouthpiece – no sore or aches in the jaw/mouth/gums
  • Comfortable and can wear it for hours
  • Clear & unobstructed vision – 180 degrees in fact and including the sides so that you can see more!
  • Mask doesn’t fog up – there are 2 sections on the mask separated by a silicone band, the top (eye/vision) section of the mask remains clear and doesn’t fog up whilst the bottom/mouth section does
  • Can still dive underwater – there’s a rubber section in the snorkel that is pushed up when it’s submerged and prevents any water from coming into the mask
  • We can share masks – unlike a normal snorkel, there are no hygiene concerns with sharing masks as there isn’t anything that goes into the mouth
  • Easy to put on and adjust – after only a few tries, Izzy was able to put on her own mask and pull to tighten & seal as needed
  • Doesn’t tangle in your hair – Amen!

Some things that take a bit of getting used to…

  • the pressure on your whole face when diving under water – this happens with a normal snorkel mask as well, but for some reason it seems more noticeable when you feel it on your whole face
  • kinda looks dorky 🙂 but who cares when you can spend longer snorkelling in the water!!!

These snorkel masks are more popular in Europe and USA and gaining momentum here in Australia.  There are more and more snorkel masks coming onto the market, but Tribord were the first to invent these easy to breathe snorkel masks. So they have had the most experience in designing and manufacturing these and is widely regarded to be the best on the market at the moment.

From L-R: Medium-Large in Blue, Medium-Large in Aqua and Extra Small in Blue


Snorkel piece is easy to attach and remove


There are only two pieces to the set and it packs away easily into the mesh bag.

If you like this product, you can buy it here.

And if you want to see it in action, you can watch our video below:

Happy snorkelling everyone!  🙂


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